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We are in our 13th year of selling USDA Certified All Natural Beef. We sell a cross between an Angus and Charolais from the All Natural Never Ever Program. Each calf must be on this program before it can come into our store. In the Never Ever Program the breeding stock and the calf from this program must never have had growth additives, hormones, or antibiotics. The calf must have been personally and humanely cared for. We sell beef that emphasizes safety, quality, tenderness, flavor and marbling. We work hard to make sure you have a safe product that we place on our table and you can place on yours!


How it is sold:

*Process Beef sold by single cut, whole, half or quarter cuts

*Restaurant Whole Cuts (Prime Rib, Tenderloin, Filet Mignons, or New York Strip)

*All Beef is flash frozen in a clear long freezer life packaging & we will deliver to your home!

From Our Family Straight To Yours...

We ship our store's beef throughtout the USA. Our shipping rates are very reasonable and the beef is guaranteed.

Jeremiah 29:11-14




We now have Venison Spices & Venison Sausage Spices...
also All Natural Beef Trim to go in the Sausage!

Call (806) 242-1952 for questions & pricing!!


This week you will see a good supply of steaks, ribs, sausages both beef and chicken, chili meat, patties, cutlets, soup bones, full range of cheeses, full line of our all natural chicken products, all natural dog food, all natural ground turkey, salmon, tilapia, trout, halibut, cod, catfish, and free range eggs.

We again want to remind you we sell whole, half, and quarter beef. With rising prices this would be a good time to stock up and hold prices down. Call for a cut sheet and let us take take your order and lock in a price!! 

Come check us out!


Free-Range Eggs

Free-Range Eggs 

As of March 23, 2014 Happy Chicken Eggs are back! We have a steady supply of free range chicken eggs again $4.50 a dozen! They contain NO SOY products!

Our History

Our History

For six generations the Hommel family has taken pride in caring for their cattle and land.  Frank Johnson (F. J.) Hommel started the ranch in the early 1930’s and today the family owned corporate land, combined with 3H land, produces some of the safest, most nutritious, and best tasting beef available.  F. J. came to



Initiation and Application of Positive Change Needed to Fit the Future of the Cattle Industry.

3H All Natural Beef store carries only proven performers from the industry. We selected beef that hits only the highest breeding standards for taste, marbling, and tenderness. We believe crossing the top quality Breeds of Angus and Charoials will deliver a perfect cut of beef and our customers agree with us. We believe you will too.

3H Standards

3H Standards

We select proven performers from the beef industry for our store and they must be in the All Natural Never Ever program. The cattle are graded and aged for 21 days then cut and brought to the store. We use Texas Tech University's Meat Lab and Frontier Meats to age and process the beef. The beef is aged for 21 days to add an even deep flavor and tenderness.

*A note on Texas Tech meat lab using them helps fund scholarships for their students. Go Raiders!



We sell beef from our store location and through this Website, we also ship anywhere in the USA.

Browse our online selection or come see us at the store located at 2623 Paramount Blvd Building #3 Amarillo, Tx 79109

Phone # (806) 242-1952 
or (806) 662-5538





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